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OZ Single Cell 2022: Gold Coast

Our meeting themes were:

  • System biology at single cell level

  • Developmental biology, cell fate and lineage tracing

  • Single-cell and precision medicine

  • Building and making use of single-cell atlases

  • Single cell applications

  • Beyond single cell RNA sequencing

  • Emerging research directions in a single cell

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2022 Programme

OZ Single Cell 2021: Sydney

Our meeting theme was 'Multimoics Madness'  where we talked about:

  • Multiomics

  • New tech and innovations

  • Data analysis challenges

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OZ Single Cell 2021: Brisbane


Our meeting theme was 'Cells in Space & Time'  where we talked about:

  • Spatial transcriptomics

  • Clinical studies

  • New tech and innovations

  • Data analysis challenges


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Auditorium and the terrace area, QLD Brain Institute (QBI)
University of QLD, QBI Building 79
Brisbane, QLD 4072

OZ Single Cell 2021: Perth


'Networks' was Perth Node OZ Single Cell 2021 meeting theme. All abstracts and talks were related with single cell or spatial -omics technology. This was an hybrid (online & physical) meeting.

OZ Single Cell 2021: Melbourne

Invited Speakers include:

- Arjun Raj, presenting REWIND

- Orane Guillaume-Gentil, presenting LIVE-seq

- Jose Polo, presenting iBlastoids

- Shalin Naik, presenting SIS-seq

- Melanie Eckersley-Maslin, presenting Embryonic CRISPRa screens

- Katie Fennel, presenting SPLINTR

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