A Singular Mind

Aired: 18 August 2020

In this interview, Dr Shalin Naik sits down with Associate Professors Sam Morris and Allon Klein. While they do discuss their science, Shalin dives in and asks the deeper questions . What have been their lightbulb moments? What segues did they make scientifically? Why is single cell more than just a fad for them? What are the big questions in biology in their opinion?

Single-cell analysis in the cancer clinic
Aired: 25 August 2020

Single-cell analysis technologies have matured rapidly in the last decade and are being applied to many aspects of cancer biology. The next challenge for these technologies will be to find applications with real-world impact. In this episode we consider the likely uses of single-cell analysis in cancer, and discuss how these technologies might be integrated into clinical practice.


0:07:17 A/ Prof Nicholas Navin - "Clinical Applications of Single Cell Genomics".

0:35:30 Dr Venessa Chin - "Using single cell genomics to personalise cancer treatment".

0:52:50 Dr Charis Teh - "Mass Cytometry (CyTOF) Technology in Cancer Drug Research".

Adding spatial context to single-cell sequencing
Aired: 1 September 2020

In this episode, we will learn about latest case studies of applying spatial sequencing to study cancer, Covid-19, and tissue biology. We will discuss the complementarity of spatial and single cell sequencing. Is spatial sequencing the “next generation single cell technology”? 


0:08:05 Prof Itai Yanai - "Exploring cancer cell states using scRNA-Seq and spatial transcriptomics".

0:34:00 Dr Arutha Kulasinghe - "Profiling of the tumour microenvironment using digital spatial profiling".

0:48:34 Arti Raghubar - "Integrating traditional histology with modern spatial transcriptomics (ST)”.

1:01:15 Sunny Wu - "An integrated multi-omic cellular atlas of the breast tumour microenvironment".

Oz Single Cell: scQandA
Aired: 8 October 2020

What is Oz Single Cell? What does the future hold for single cell technology in Australia? Are Aussies slow adopters? Are we capitalising on our strengths? What is Australia’s role in global initiatives like the Human Cell Atlas. The Oz Single Cell Community has sent in their questions and you can rely on the inventors of the ChriSNE, DiSNE, Miss Methyl and MINTIE to have some of the answers.